This is a compilation of all our mass spectrometry applications. All our tools are open-source (MIT license), and does not require any installation on the computer. We highly recommend to use Google Chrome to use them. They are the product of many years of development of our MS facility in the EPFL.

As a global MS platform, the tools were designed for all kind of purposes and domains. Please, if you have used one of our applications, you can cite us and send your publications here. We are glad to share any use of our mstoolbox. If you are interested into write a post talking about your research and the impact of any of our applications, please send your comments here. You can find a general Glossary at the bottom of this page or here. Take a moment to discover all of our applications.

Basic calculations to generate theoretical isotopic distributions, find a molecular formula from an experimental value or calculate MS/MS fragments from a given structure.
Identify in your experimental spectra any possible fragment. Includes a practical visual reporting.
Use our Soup of peaks to identify and find any molecular formula in your experimental data
Facilitates structure characterization, ionization adduct identification and end-group determinacion together with visual reporting
Calculates DNA/RNA theoretical fragments and then matches with your experimental data. Includes a graphical result presentation
Create your own database and track each molecule with any adduct in your experimental dataset. Track your background ions using our easycont database.
This tool allows to determine the exact composition based on a mass spectrum when overlapping occurs
This tool allows visualizing and interact with chromatograms generated using GC/LC — MS techniques

How to use our applications?

Use our application guide described in each application and our glossary below
General Glossary
This is a glossary of sorts for users of any of the applications
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