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The ISIC-EPFL MS team will be delighted to share your updates in! If you want to describe your project using any of our free tools and share your results, you can publish a post describing the project & results and/or once published we could include in our mstoolbox references page. You can also share any of your learning materials contact us. In any case, If you want to be updated, follow us on twitter or linkedln.

ASMS Reboot 2020!

The ISIC-EPFL mass spectrometry platform team present a poster at the American society of mass spectrometry (ASMS2020) annual conference. Unfortunately, this year the Face-to-Face 68th ASMS Conference was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if recording a talk is completely different from present a poster, we are excited to present this poster and video…

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We love teaching !

Test the new exercises section on the ChemCalc website. They are generated randomly by means that every student has a different series (detailed statistics about the progression)! You don’t need any installation and no login is needed. Don’t forget to visit also our teaching section here.

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First Cheminfo steps!

Luc Patiny team describes a simple approach to develop chemical web services. In this first steps, the chemcalc project allows multiple MS calculations such as isotopic distribution simulation, peptide fragmentation simulation, and molecular formula determination. Read the full paper here.

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