Dr. Laure Menin


Laure Menin obtained a diploma in Chemical Engineering in 1993 and a PhD degree in biochemistry, microbiology and cellular bioenergetics in 1997. She worked as a project manager in different Companies in France and Switzerland, such as Entomed SA, Geneprot in the field of large-scale proteomics and Atheris Laboratories in drug discovery and peptidomics analyses of venoms from poisonous animals. Since 2008, Laure is managing the Mass Spectrometry Facility of the Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering (ISIC) in EPFL, Lausanne.

Interest: Large Biomolecules, Method development, Proteins, Top-down


1988 – 1993

Biochemistry Chemical Engineer, CPE, Lyon France

1994 – 1997
PhD degree in biochemistry, microbiology and cellular bioenergetics, CEA France

1997 – 2003
Project Manager in Geneprot, Geneva, Switzerland.

2003 – 2008
Project Manager in Atheris Laboratories, Geneva, Switzerland.

2008– Present
MS Leader Platform in the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland